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You Have The Questions, We Have The Answers 


What is an "expat?"

An expat is short for expatriate. This is anyone who lives outside of their home county.

About DDWD-Expat Consulting

DDWD Expat Consulting is an online hub supporting expats living in or moving to or from Spain. 

With 35 years of experience living in Spain, Marc Craninx, founder of DDWD Expat Consulting,  decided to create an online hub, to share his knowledge and experience with those living in or moving to or from Spain. 

Paperwork can be complicated enough in our home country, never mind in a foreign country. 

Be it the language barrier or the different way of thinking. 

Marc's goal is to take away the stress giving you time to enjoy why you moved to Spain in the first place!

What is the procedure to renew my residence permit?

We will review your exact situation and requirements to decide whether to apply for a residency renewal or to request a modification to a different type of residence permit. 

In most cases, we can do a renewal or modification on your behalf, so you can be relaxed knowing that everything is being taken care of and you may not need to attend any in-person appointments.