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Regularization of foreigners is to legalize their status of stay, residence, and/or work in Spanish territory.

Due to the complexity of the matter and the difficulty in Public Administration, our legal office offers various specialized services focused on immigration matters, comprising of management, transaction, track records, legal advice, and defense of foreigners rights.

One of the hallmarks of this specific department is the personalized monitoring of each case by our consultants.

Each and every one of the foreigners who contact us and qualify for our support is secured the commitment, expertise, and dedication of our team. 

Here is a list of the most requested tasks:

  • NIE

  • Family Reunification

  • EU Citizen Family Card

  • Nationality

  • Permissions For Self Employment & Paid Employment

  • Residence Permits (transaction, renovations)

  • Administrative & Consular Formalities Related To Foreigners.

  • Legalization & Translation of Official Documents In Spain.