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British Citizens 2022 Guide To Update Residency Certificates (NIE) In Spain After Brexit

As a British Citizen in Spain, it is essential to note that those who possess the EU Citizen Green Registration Certificate, either A4 size or green paper size, have no legal obligation to do anything at the moment. It is advisable to be aware that it can depend on where you are registered in Spain and how strict they are about having this document exchanged already.

The green documents are valid for now. Some officials in various municipalities are now refusing to accept the green paper as it Identufues the holder as an EU citizen, which is no longer the case.

Therefore it may make sense to exchange now for your convenience.

The Spanish Migration Minister encouraged British Residents of Spain to exchange their Green Residence Certificates for the TIE plastic residence card and highlighted that extra staff and appointments are being arranged at the Extranjerias across Spain.

The Interview:


The Exchange Process:

You would need to make an appointment via the online system. The application link is below.

When filling out the application, choose your province, then the office. Exchanges can only be done at CNP (Police offices) and new applications only at Extranjería offices

After you choose the location, select the “Brexit” option

When you have selected the office, you will need to follow the on-screen options and complete your personal information.

When you reach the final screen, be sure to CONFIRM the appointment via the code texted to the mobile number provided, or the appointment will not be created.





As with any country, some are more strict than others.

When it comes to legal paperwork, it is advisable to confirm precisely what is needed and what may be unnecessary with a knowledgeable source. Depending on where you are originally from, the requirements can change slightly.

If you require assistance with your Green Certificate (NIE) changeover, you can contact us; details are below.





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